Kent, Connecticut


Our Story 

Serving great pizza from our family to yours.


In 1972, when Costanzo DeBernardo or Cozzy was 4 years old, his father started his first pizzeria. He grew up in the family business, using the same recipe since 1972. With his background of entrepreneurship and strong work ethics instilled from a very young age, Cozzy has developed a strong knowledge of business and is always driven to work harder and push himself to succeed. Using his business knowledge, Cozzy started his first pizzeria in Stanfordville, NY.



6 Kent Green Blvd.
Kent, CT 06757


Tuesday 11:30AM–9PM

Wednesday 11:30AM–9PM

Thursday 11:30AM–9PM

Friday 11:30AM–9PM

Saturday 12–9PM

Sunday 3–9PM

Monday Closed


Tel: (860) 927-1551

Email: napolicdb2012@gmail.com